stranger and stranger is the true story of an unlikely encounter in the extraordinary life of a young man diagnosed with M.E.

“Could I ask how old you are and what you do? And no, in case you’re wondering, I’m not some desperate sad case who befriends whomever he can because he’s got no mates and spends all his time on-line. [Not strictly true – certainly not the bit about being sad and desperate.] It’s just that I was flattered by your compliment of my review.”

It is 1999. Email is still an exciting novelty and the Internet a new and mysterious place when Rob receives a message from an unknown woman. Rob is chronically unwell, while Rose lives on the other side of the country. But who is she? What does she want? And where is their friendship heading?

Through a series of annotated emails, Rob narrates the true story of how their lives come together in a way that is funny, touching and completely unforgettable.

The new ebook edition includes an afterword in which the author writes candidly about his diagnosis for the first time. At least 30% of the purchase price of ebooks bought from Amazon will be donated to charities funding biomedical ME research, including ME Research UK.

To find the ebook in Kindle stores, search for 'Robert McMullen'.

ebook ASIN: B006YFW7RY

Original paperback (without afterword) ISBN: 978-1419615818

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